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NAORRR Re-imagined Program Recordings

David Bernstein program on Black Jewish Relations (2/4/21)
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 Presentation by Andrew Rehfeld, President, HUC-JIR  (2/25/21)
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Conversation with Andrew Rehfeld, President, HUC-JIR (3/9/21)
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Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL (March 7, 2022)
Click here. (Passcode: 7^Rr1tQ4)

Webinar with Dr. Andrew Rehfeld, President, HUC-JIR
(April 6, 2022)
Click here (Password: MzhD1PJ%)

Rabbi Uri Regev, CEO of Hiddush (May 31, 2022)
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Rabbi Laura Geller, Getting Good at Getting Older.
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Diane Steinbrink, Presentation on Amanda Gorman

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Webinar with Aaron Rosenberg:
Jews and Baseball: Shlep Me Out To The Ballgame
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Webinar with Joel Schwartzman
Israel Strategic Interests (09/05/2022)

Click here (Password: T#Xs8Xh3)Sukkot/Simchat Torah Program (10/12/2022)
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Jewish Humanitarian Efforts for Ukranian Refugees (11/9/20220)

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A Discussion of the Israeli elections with Ron Kronish

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On the Bread Trail with Rabbi Deborah Prinz
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“A God We Can Believe In” with Rabbis Rifat Sonsino and Richard Agler
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Avi Strausberg: Bringing the Midwives into the Beit Midrash
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Reshit Geulat Tzmichatenu – A Progressive Theology of Israel with Michael Marmur
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