NAORRR, an affiliate of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, was founded in 1984.  Our purpose is to provide support and advocacy for, and to foster fellowship among, retired and about to be retired rabbis, their spouses/partners and surviving spouses/partners.  NAORRR seeks to present opportunities for discussion of the practical problems and needs of its members; to enable its members to continue their efforts to preserve and promote Judaism; to provide opportunities for scholarly stimulation and Torah study, and to continue strengthening and supporting the CCAR in its endeavors. ​ We’d love to keep in touch with you!  NAORRRnet is one of the ways we can stay in touch. To sign up go here  and follow the instructions to sign up.

Continuing Rabbinic Education

We want to remind members that a new system requiring Continuing Rabbinic Education for  all rabbis, including retired rabbis, is soon to go into effect. As of  July 1, during its first year of operation, everyone will be required to take 2 hours of Ethics education. (After the first year, the landscape will open up to include all manner of Judaica.) This means taking two one-hour classes.  We were able to offer one a one hour class at our convention in January, 2020. To fulfill the other hour, the CCAR has a number of recorded webinars and classes that you may watch to fulfill the requirement. Classes archived so far are listed below, accessed through the CCAR website, and more classes will be coming during the year. This is a self-reporting requirement, so you will be asked next year, as part of your dues form, to attest that you have taken 2 Ethics classes.


For more information about the whole CRE process, go to the CCAR website. The FAQ sheet is located in the middle of the website page, right above the title “Highlighted Programs”. For a list of archived ethics webinars, go here.


NAORRR Now Accepts PayPal payments  

NAORRR now accepts payments for dues and convention registration (not hotel) using PayPal!  To do so, click

Officers – 2020

President – Howard Kosovske
First Vice President – Sheldon Harr
2nd Vice-President – Robert Orkand
Treasurer – Suellen Winer
Recording Secretary – Henry Karp
Immediate Past-President – Jeffrey Stiffman


Terms Expiring 2021

Jack Luxemberg
James Perman
Karen Franklin
Robert Klensin

Terms Expiring 2022

Irene Friedman
Martin Lawson
Charles Levi
Tony Holz

Terms Expiring 2023

Ron Shapiro
Barbara Sugarman
Aryeh Azriel
Ralph Mecklenburger

To Contact NAORRR:

Susan and Julian Cook, Co-Executive Vice Presidents
2777 S. Elmira Street, #17
Denver, CO 80231
Phone: (303)753-1309
Mobile: (303)981-8973 (Susan)      (303)981-6974 (Julian)
email:  cooknaorrr@gmail.com